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The 2018-2020 Return To Vallamont Campaign
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Three years,
Two funds,
One Brotherhood.

The Rho Chapter Alumni Association is proud to announce that Chi Phi and Lafayette College have renewed their commitments to each other! Chi Phi is once again fully recognized by Lafayette College which means that our men are moving back in to Vallamont.

To celebrate and support our full return to the Lafayette campus, Chi Phi and Lafayette have aligned our missions and are jointly sponsoring the Return to Vallamont Campaign. Your contributions to this critical fund raising campaign will provide the necessary funds to restore Vallamont to its former glory and beyond. Funds will also provide meaningful educational resources and leadership training opportunities to Rho chapter members, the Greek community, and the campus community as a whole.

We can’t do this without YOU - support from the Lafayette Chi Phi community is vital to the success of rebuilding and restoring Chi Phi’s presence on Lafayette’s campus. This campaign’s joint effort is just the beginning of our renewed partnership with Lafayette College. We’re excited for the future that your contribution will make possible!

How to Give

We recommend that contributions be made to both funds, with 75% to the Vallamont Fund (not deductible) and 25% to the Leadership Fund (tax-deductible*). Both funds are critical, but please feel free to give however you see fit.

To contribute to the Vallamont Fund:

To contribute to the Chi Phi Leadership Fund either:

*Contributions to the Chi Phi Leadership Fund are processed by Lafayette College, a tax-exempt organization and contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. No goods or services were provided for this gift. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.

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