In early December 2017, Lafayette announced its re-recognition of the Rho Chapter. Our men are now wrapping up their first school year living back in Vallamont!

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Since 1824, the Chi Phi Fraternity has existed for the purpose of promoting brotherhood and individual growth through truth, honor, friendship, personal integrity and academic excellence. The Rho Chapter of Chi Phi was established at Lafayette College in 1874, with the chapter house, Vallamont, being completed in 1909.

Reunion 2019 at Vallamont

It's reunion time! Join us at Vallamont, June 7 & 8, 2019 for a Reunion 2019, a BBQ and celebration of our first full year back in Vallamont. Reunion 2019 is sponsored by the Rho Chapter Association. There is NO COST to attend, but registration is required..

Rho Develops and Sponsors On Campus Training

On October 1, 2018, we presented a training class which we developed and sponsored aimed at eliminating hazing, excessive alcohol consumption, and sexual assault. It was very well attended and received excellent feedback. Thank you to our alumni donors who made this essential program possible through their generous contributions to the Return to Vallamont Campaign.

Reunion Weekend 2018, A Tremendous Success
250+ People Celebrate our Return to Vallamont

Our June 2018 reunion was particularly special as more than 250 brothers, family members, and friends of Chi Phi returned to celebrate our official return to Vallamont. We are back! The feeling of brotherhood was palpable and the House looked great!

Brothers from near and far gathered throughout the day and well into the evening in the Rock Room with games at the upper bar, in the Red Room, and in the TV room/Pong Room. We reminisced and played on the front porch. We gathered in the foyer. We celebrated milestones on the front porch and honored alumni with anniversary pins, including a whopping 10 brothers who received 50 year pins.

The spirit of brotherhood is clearly alive and well. We have returned home to Vallamont and the undergraduate chapter is revitalized and growing. We announced the formal kick-off of our “Return to Vallamont” capital plan, designed to encourage the success of the undergraduate members and ensure the viability of our home. We have had extremely positive support and reaction from the brothers involved so far and we are relying on the entire ‘hood to come together to make the Rho Chapter continue to thrive.

The Return to Vallamont Campaign

We're back in Vallamont! Yes, you heard that right. Our men are LIVING IN VALLAMONT!

Now is the time that we need your financial support most. The Return to Vallamont Campaign will bring the essential funds to Rho to support Vallamont and programming for the chapter.

Click here to learn more about this vital campaign.

You will be able to contribute online soon, in the meantime, please:

Brothers, please update your information by using this simple online form. We're rebuilding our lists, so please submit your latest information even if we already have it on file. Encourage other Rho Brothers to do the same.


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