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Litigation Updates
Last updated: January 13, 2013

Check this section of our website regularly! Don Applestein, Rho 68' and an historian and retired attorney has volunteered to help keep the Brotherhood informed of what is happening with the litigation, what has happened and what may happen. His "Litigation for the Layman" (formerly "Litigation in Layman's Terms") series of articles, listed below, explains important details.

Jan 13, 2013 update: Chapter 19 which summarizes or our Post-Trial breif is online.

Litigation for the Layman: A Continuing Series

We've filed a brief in support of our post-trial motion. Chapter 19 summarizes this important filing.The full brief is also available for your review.
(January 13, 2013).

We have filed post-trial motions asking the Court to correct its errors and make further findings. Chapter 18 described the filing and explains what is next.
(October 12, 2012).

In a results-oriented decision, the Court of Common Pleas for Northampton County found that while Rho Chapter owns Vallamont, we can't use it – at least until the College says we can. Brother Applestein explains the decision in full and outlines the next steps in Chapter 17. Also available for your reference, the Court's Opinion is here.
(September 14, 2012).

We've posted our two submissions to the court and some detailed description / explanation here.
(August 28, 2012).

The college has a myriad of mistatements (putting it lightly) in its latest court filing. Chapter 15 highlights some of these mistatements.
(August 28, 2012).

The fourth and final day of trial was August 20. Lafayette's Jim Krivoski continued on the stand, followed by their treasurer Mitch Wein. Last on the stand was our Board President, Craig Kudcey. Chapter 14 outlines the day's events. The judge has promised a prompt decision.
(August 21, 2012).

The third day of trial was August 13. It continuted with Brother Jerry Blakesless ('70) and Lafayette's Mr. Krivoski on the stand. Chapter 13 summaries the day's events and outlines the parties' different perspectives. The trial continues Monday August 20.
(August 14, 2012).

Our first two days of trial were July 16 and 18. Chapter 12 of this series of articles discusses what's happened so far in court. We're back on the docket for August 13.
(July 21, 2012).

Lafayette's apparent attempt to delay the trial has failed. We are on schedule for a trial the week of July 16. Read More.
(June 20, 2012).

The College efforts to impede Chi Phi discovery and obtain the identity of our new members for possible discipline measures for merely joining a fraternity have also failed. Read More.
(June 12, 2012).

The College's recent attempt to have the Chi Phi judicial complaint dismissed has failed. Now they have until May 3 to respond to our complaint. Chapter 9 does a nice job of summarizing the Judge's order.
(April 18, 2012).

Chapter Eight continues to explains the current situtation. Lafayette, as expected, has filed some preliminary objections, and we've responded. Now we wait.
(January 17, 2012).

Court documents of interest:

Chapter Seven explains the current status. We've filed a new complaint and met with the judge in chambers, the college is paying the insurance on our empty house, we are waiting the judge's rulings, and we're celebrating the new brothers!
(January 3, 2012).

Appropriate for the football season, on homecoming weekend the Weiss administration and the Board of Trustees "punted" on Rho's Plan to Return. Chapter Six talks about Lafayette's BOT decision not to allow an increase the number of Greek organizations for 3 years. Of course, we're an existing organization, so this decision shouldn't apply to us. Worse, it does not appear that they specifically considered and voted on our Plan or even made any comments or suggestions. We're now headed back to court.
(November 2, 2011).

Chapter Five is a summary of some going-ons post order. In it, Brother Applestein discusses several meetings with Lafayette officials, House repairs, another informational session for interested students, a formal request to Lafayette's Board of Trustees President Ed Ahart (Chi Phi '69), and our next steps.
(September 19, 2011).

Brother Applestein's Chapter Four outlines the details of the court order.
(August 30, 2011).

Chapter Three of Brother Applestein's continuing series explains the details of our complaint and the College's answer, with his commentary.
(August 30, 2011).

Brother Applestein continues his explanation of our case. Chapter Two explains "discovery" and the pretrial phase.
(July 8, 2011).

Chapter One is an introduction and is available here.
(July 7, 2011).


Chi Phi's Plan of Return to Lafayette

The August 11th Court Order

Our Document Request to Lafayette

Our Formal Complaint for Injunctive Relief

The College's Answer to Our Compalint

Lafayette College's Fraternity/Sorority Recolonization Guidelines

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Litigation Updates

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