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History Repeats: Lehigh Chi Phi Brothers Provide Invaluable Support to the Rho Chapter at Lafayette
April 27, 2012

On the cold winter evening of January 30, 1874 at the historic United States Hotel in Easton, a contingent of nine Chi Phi Brothers from the Psi Chapter at Lehigh, and others from Franklin & Marshall, Muhlenberg, and Dickenson presided over the initiation of the first Brothers of the Rho Chapter at Lafayette known as the "Twelve Apostles of Rho."

On Thursday evening, April 26, 2012, the alumni and student Brothers of the Rho Chapter honored their Brothers of the Psi Chapter for, once again, providing most valuable assistance to Rho.  In attendance were over 60 Brothers and guests at a formal reception and dinner at the Silver Creek Country Club in Hellertown, PA.

The Psi undergraduate and alumni Brothers have assisted Rho with two new member education and initiation ceremonies, helping to continue to grow the Brotherhood at Rho.  Psi not only generously provided the use of Briarfield (their chapter house), but also lent Rho the invaluable time, experience, and dedication of their undergraduate and alumni Brothers.  This is just one example of the ongoing collaboration between Rho and Psi, the two historically close knit chapters based at rival schools. Many plans are already made to continue the excellent relationship.

Our Chi Phi Brothers, Hail...

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